Student reports unknown man ‘resting’ in alcove, Public Safety remains vigilant



Daina Amorosano

Residents of McGuire Hall reported sighting a male in his early 30s resting in an alcove of their residence hall during the day on several occasions, according to Director of Public Safety David Tedjeske.

This information was reported to an administrator during the University’s “House Calls” program, an evening during which around 50 administrators and faculty visit resident students, and not filed as a formal report with the Department of Public Safety, according to Tedjeske.

In response to an inquiry about whether this individual was homeless, Tedjeske said there was never an indication that he was. He carried no bags or belongings, according to Tedjeske.

“We have been watchful enough that two people have been stopped, but nothing has lent a connection to the incident,” he said.

One non-student was found sneaking behind McGuire Hall but turned out to be an alumnus who had agreed to play a practical joke on someone, and the other was a custodian, according to Tedjeske.

 “While I don’t doubt the veracity of the report provided by the residents, Public Safety has received no other reports,” he said.

And since the reports were never filed directly from students with Public Safety in the first place, but rather only through house calls, Radnor Police has not been contacted, Tedjeske said, adding that students never reported feeling threatened. Nor have there been any reports of thefts or similar crimes in the building.

But public safety officers on duty have patrolled the area with increased vigilance.

“We will continue to be watchful for any suspicious activity in McGuire and encourage students to report anything that looks suspicious,” Tedjeske said.

There have been no reports of similar incidents in recent history, according to Director of Residence Life Tom DeMarco. Residence Life has asked the resident assistants in McGuire Hall to be more vigilant during and outside of normal duty hours.

“We have also asked them to remind the residents of the importance of notifying Public Safety or the RAs immediately if they observe anything unusual in the hall,” DeMarco wrote in an e-mail.