As a concerned alumnus, I am sincerely disappointed that The Villanovan failed to run a fact-based news article on the rumored football move-up to FBS discussed in Kerns’ “University expansion should align with mission” piece in last week’s issue. The investment of moving up in football, which would be done to “save basketball,” as Kerns argues, would be an abandonment of the University values as it would be a reckless prioritization of funds available to expand the University.

By virtue of being the sole representation printed in The Villanovan in regard to what could be the biggest single decision impacting the University in the last 25 years, the column represented an irresponsible, fear-mongering message that says the funds available to the University can only permit either a move-up in football or a new performing arts center. It also served to insult and diminish a good-faith effort by a loyal group of alumni to raise funds and discuss this important issue.

If Kerns’ argument is true that such a move would have a long-term impact on men’s basketball, then the University has only one decision to make. Men’s basketball piques the interest of prospective students, the on-campus community and alumni more than any other single thing the University has to offer.

Making a decision that would hurt basketball long-term would be far more financially irresponsible in both the short- and long-term than any other decision the University could possibly make.

If there is any fear among those making the decision, it should be of the fallout and disenchantment of the greater Villanova community if basketball is positioned to fail. I sincerely hope that if the rumors of the move-up discussions are true, the University is evaluating how the real world necessities can harmonize with University ideals and not the short-sighted views represented in The Villanovan this past week.