Cost-cutting across campus:



Nashia Kamal

With the coming of 2012-2013 school year, students excitedly returned to the University only to find several unwelcome surprises. With even more of the campus blocked off due to construction than the previous year, maneuvering around campus has become a hassle that no amount of coffee can prepare sleep-deprived students for while trudging to their 8:30 a.m. classes. The growing discontent with the University did not end there however. Students quickly learned that two of the most relied upon services offered by the University were no longer available: iPrint in Falvey Memorial Library and the University’s weekday off-campus shuttle service. In light of tuition hikes year after year, the campus construction that poses an inconvenience and the withdrawal of these necessary services causes many to wonder just where our money is going. The voice of the student body, the single most important voice in this community, must beg this question: at what cost are we losing the privileges and assistance that we hold dear?