Ten Signs…you’re obsessed with your fall break trip.

Kelsey Tyler

10. It’s only been a week or two, and you’re already considering going on a service break trip for every single break of your college career… and then some. If that’s even possible.

9.Your lock screen, wallpaper and profile picture are all compilations of adorable photos from your break trip—why not see those shining faces multiple times a day? 

8.You’re seriously considering moving to your Habitat/mission site. Permanently.

7. Most, if not all, of your notifications are from your GroupMe discussing the multitude of Sunday #breaktripbrunches occurring in the very near future.

6.You find yourself thinking in inspirational quotes, all the while mentally adding them all to your break trip quote wall.

5.You would gladly drive with your break trip leader again even though your life will no doubt be in serious danger each time you two are caught in a moving vehicle together.

4.Break trip romances (#bromances) are budding and still going strong.

3.You have a strong urge to wildly scream across the quad or Café Nova whenever you see a member of your break trip fam (and you often do). 

2.Reflection withdrawal is taking a serious toll on you. Every night as the clock strikes nine, you immediately share your deepest emotions with whomever is currently near you.

1.Your Habitat or mission trip is the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing you think of before you fall asleep. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.