Halloween night: a celebration of women’s rights

Tom Trainer

It’s that time of year again—time to celebrate our ancient pagan heritage, time for dad to taste-test all of your candy to make sure it’s safe, and yes, it’s time to celebrate the achievements of the women’s rights movement. 

Over the past few decades, female Halloween costumes have evolved to celebrate the most important and most dignified features of women all around the United States. 

Women used to be restricted to dressing up as sexy teachers, sexy librarians or sexy nurses, but now women can dress as sexy doctors, sexy construction workers, sexy athletes or even sexy soldiers. 

Ladies can be anything they want to be now-a-days—on Halloween.

Additionally, in previous decades, women were viewed as weak or cowardly, but modern Halloween costumes demonstrate that women can withstand frigid late fall evening temperatures  in half the  layers of clothing as well as, if not better than, the toughest of men. 

Sure, some people might say that modern society is missing the point of Halloween. 

And, many of these critics may have a point. Halloween tradition originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, in which the conclusion of harvest season and the oncoming of winter was celebrated in ceremonies that blurred the lines between the worlds of the living and the dead. 

For example, celebrants would wear costumes to ward off demons and ghosts. 

I would certainly agree that modern practices of Halloween, such as trick-or-treating, which are focused on candy and consumerism, have regrettably drawn attention away from the ancient pagan meaning of the holiday. 

On the other hand, to those who argue that the popular movement towards more and more risqué women’s Halloween costumes has made Halloween more about sex appeal and less about scaring away evil spirits, I argue that any ghost from any previous century would find the outfits adorned by young women today to be more than frightening. 

And, if the ghosts aren’t frightened by a girl’s outfit, at least it will terrify her father.

Remember the days when women were frowned upon for showing off their ankles? 

Those days are long gone. 

Now, women can show almost as much skin as they want. In fact, women are encouraged to wear as little clothing as possible. 

Just look at the heroines of today’s society. 

In popular culture, models, actresses and pop stars champion midriff revealing, leg showing and cleavage popping outfits all of the time, but now Halloween gives every woman this one special day of the year when they too can be objectified.

Imagine how depressing it would be for women to have to go an entire year without getting cat-called, without having men stare at their chests or without men thinking that their appearance says, “I want sex.” 

On Halloween, women can wear sexy outfits to celebrate their true beauty and finally get the recognition from men that they deserve. 

Let’s be honest, no guy is going to notice the wicked witch from Snow White, or even Snow White for that matter, but you can bet that guys will give attention to bikini top wearing Little Mermaid, and guys will always choose the “I’m in to deceitful tough guys that will trick me to sleep with me” Princess Jasmine over the confident and modestly dressed Mulan. 

It is understandably difficult for girls to feel comfortable talking to guys unless they have on a skimpy top and short skirt—bunny ears don’t hurt. 

It is always easier to talk to somebody who just nods along in agreement while ignoring every word you say because they‘re busy staring at anything but your eyes. 

Women don’t want people to actually listen to what they have to say or value their opinion, especially regarding topics of importance. 

This can lead to disagreement—a major step backwards when trying to get somebody to sleep with you.

Overall, Halloween is a great holiday in which women can embrace their confident and outgoing sides. 

It is tremendous that, in an age where there still seems to be some sects of society that tell women that equal education, equal pay and equal political voice are the most important achievements for women’s rights, this holiday reminds women that true female value is determined by one’s level of physical hotness.