Main Line’s French cuisine restaurant revealed as hidden gem



Kathleen Treganowan

Step aside Nudy’s and Ardmore Station Café, there’s a new kid in town––Le Pain Quotidien. Conveniently located in Wayne right across the street from White Dog Café, this is the hidden gem of everyday French cuisine. 

I had the pleasure of eating at Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast, although they serve lunch and dinner as well. This spot is the perfect French café setting and indulges everyone in a delectably healthy or not so healthy, sweet and savory meal. 

From what I tasted, here’s how this place weighs in:

Warm Belgian Waffle (100 out of 5): Oh my goodness. I basically have no words for this decadent and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The outside was a perfect crunchy, sweet, crystalized masterpiece and the center was the perfect combination of warm and chewy. When the plate first arrived I was confused at the three-by-three inch piece of waffle that sat before me (portions are pretty small here), but when I took a bite, it completely made up for it. This is a must try if you go here to eat. 

Organic Brown Rice Pudding (4 out of 5): Again, small serving size, but I guess this just goes to show Americans really do have excessively large servings. 

This rice pudding was served with seasonal compote of fruit and walnuts. It was a perfectly tasty breakfast, especially for those in the mood for something quaint and healthy. 

Croissant with Ham and Aged Gruyere Cheese (5 out of 5): They did it again! Decadent and delicious. Great option for those in the mood for something savory. Perfect combination of ham, cheese and a warm fresh croissant. 

Hot Chocolate (3 out of 5): They serve their hot chocolate as a cup of steamed milk with a side of Belgian chocolate to be poured. 

The meal was extremely delicious and uniquely indulgent (and made for a great Instagram pic. —don’t judge me). 

Overall, I would say that Le Pain Quotidien impressed me. I would definitely go back (and plan to). 

So if you’re looking for a place with unique and delicious food (with 1/10th the wait time of Nudy’s), give Le Pain Quotidien a try.