Ten Signs… you love Taylor Swift

Sophia Pizzi

1. When you hear “Blank Space” you HAVE to turn it all the way up.  It’s your jam.

2. “1989” isn’t just an album, it’s a lifestyle.

3. You freak out when you hear any of her songs playing in a retail store or restaurant.

4. You’re never worried about haters because you just shake them off. 

5. You’re willing to sell an arm, a leg and perhaps your first born child to see her in concert this summer.

6. You have a Taylor song for every one of your moods. Angry at someone? “Bad Blood.” Feeling Nostalgic? “The Best Day.” Falling in Love? “Fearless.” I think you see my point.

7. You know what “Taylurking” is and want to be Taylurked SO BADLY.

8. When someone asks you if you like Taylor Swift, and you’re not sure if you should play it cool or fangirl excessively. 

9. You ship Haylor. And Sweeran.  And Kaylor.  But mostly Haylor. 

10. Stalking her Tumblr has become a daily thing.

11. You’ve lost your voice screaming the words to “All Too Well” before. 

12. You’ve accepted the fact that her two cats will be more famous than you ever will be. 

13. Your life is a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

14. That was 13 signs..not 10.   #sorrynotsorry