10 Signs….You’re ready for Spring Break

Sophia Pizzi

10. Your midterm schedule is quite near torturous. 

9. Ironically, the cold weather has caused you to lose your chill. 

8.  Because of this, you’ve been hearing a voice from above calling your name, and you’re 99 percent sure it’s the sun from a place with a temperature above freezing. 

7.  You’re desperately behind on your latest Netflix series.

6.  When you look in a mirror, you’re blinded by the paleness of your skin.

5.  You’ve spent way too much time in the library for your liking.

4.  Your body requires nourishment other than Café Nova.

3.  You think of your dog’s face and hold back tears of excitement. 

2.  You think of your own bed and do the same as well.

1. If you’re going on a break trip, you’re super excited about your journal buddy and all the life-long memories yet to come. #bandanasfordays