10 Totally Random Questions for…Harrison DellaFera, Junior, Finance



Molly Borgese

1. Why did you choose Villanova?

“The Villanovan.”

2. Describe your most attractive asset.

“My baby blues.”

3. You live with 18 people.  Who is your favorite roommate?

“Hmmm… definitely either Jack, Johnny, Kiernan, Maurice, Casey, Eddie, Brent, Durs, Dan, Matt, Greg, Terrance, Kluh, Jordan, Graham, Duffy, Tim or George.”

4.  Your grandma just sent you $500 to be strictly used at CampCo.  How do you spend it?

“I would spend it all on you, Molly.”

5.  Choose your partner if you were to be selected as a participant on “The Amazing Race.”

“Janet DellaFera. Curious as to why? Check out her Instagram @bigDmumsie.”

6.  What type of student are you?

“B+: It is not a grade, it is an attitude.”

7.  Describe your summer in Rome.

“We ruled the world.”

8.  What would you do if you were given 50 acres of land tomorrow?

“Add it to my other 150 acres.”

9.  What is your favorite way to sweat?

*Reading a dictionary* “Well, you caught me, I like to break a mental sweat too.”

10.  What is your biggest fear?

“Terrance Foley’s wind up.”