Ten Signs… you’re ready for the fall



Sophia Pizzi

10. You’ve been dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Lattes since the end of August.

9. You and your squad are SO ready for apple picking. 

8. And for football games, where you unapologetically pretend to know what’s going on. Touchback! Quarterdown!! Yeah!!! 

7. Why drown in a pile of homework when you can drown in a pile of leaves?

6. Friends may come and go but flannels are forever.

5. You decorate your dorm with lots of cute pumpkins. And scarecrows. And hay bales. Basically your room is now an orchard.  ~ y o l o ~

4. Apple cider donuts are quickly becoming a staple in your diet. 

3. You can’t wait to Instagram colorful trees with a witty caption about how fall leaves you breathless (and with a nasty scarf).  

2. You’ve already consumed a lion’s share of the world’s Halloween candy. #NoRagrets #ThreeMuskeTEARSINMYEYESCUZILOVECHOCOLATEBYE.

1. Hoops Mania. Fall Festival. Fall break. Need I say more?!!