Global Smackdown: what’s going on and why it matters



Kelsey Hanson


What: Destroying the Temple of Bel 

Where: Palmyra, Syria

When: Last week, as confirmed by a branch of the U.N. 

How: Violently and publicly—the terror organization released a video cataloging and 

documenting their own acts of destruction. 


1. To cause a stir of horror within the world—specifically within the Western world. 

2. To steal and sell valuable antiquities on the black market in an effort to fund their campaign of terror and destruction. 

3. To continue along their path of “cultural cleansing” which fits into their theology and ideology which seek to 

establish a new “utopian” caliphate. 

So What: ISIS gathers its strength from the reactions of horror on the part of bystanders (i.e. the United States and

 other “safe” nations). In providing access to, and publicizing their propaganda, ISIS keeps itself current and in the 

 news (which has proven to be a fairly successful recruitment tactic, especially among youths).  

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