Halloween costumes stand the test of time for everyone

Mary Rugolo

   Many things change as we get older. Some are good and some not so good. At times, it can feel like every aspect of life is shifting, morphing into the life of an adult. Halloween is no exception.

     Gone are the days of pillow cases filled with candy from strangers and trading Milky Ways for Snickers. Gone are the days of class parties with The Monster Mash playing and Disney Channel playing the obligatory Halloween specials of “Hannah Montana,” “Suite Life of Zach and Cody” and “That’s so Raven.” Gone are the days of “Halloween Town,” “Twitches” and “Hocus Pocus.”

    While even Halloween cannot escape the change of time, one way that Halloween hasn’t changed is even as college students, we can still dress up. For one night we can strip the identity of stressed-out, over-worked students and step into a whole new one. The only question is what to be? 

    This question isn’t as simple as the one we faced when we were five and had to choose between Power Ranger and princess. Instead, now we are faced with dressing up alone, in a group or with a significant other. Throw in a college budget and it is a daunting task. To make the job a little easier here is a list of thirteen, spooky, cute, flirty and fun cheap costume ideas that could make this holiday a little easier:

1.  Deck of Cards: One group costume idea I stumbled across this year is a deck of cards. It can include as many people as your heart desires and is dirt cheap. All you need is black or red pants and a white shirt with a picture of whatever suit you want: clubs, spades, heart, or diamonds. 

2.  Movie or TV Characters: Another group idea is to re-enact beloved movie characters or TV characters. Get a group of friends and dress up as the characters in “Frozen” or “Scooby-Doo.” You have years of television and movies to choose from. 

3.  Princesses/Princes: It worked when we were five and it can work now. Choose a color and a tiara or crown and you can dress up as one of the princesses or their beloved princes.

4.  Superheroes: Another classic, this costume requires the right super hero colors, tights and symbol. And, BAM, you are a super hero. 

5.  Animals: This can be a single costume, group or couple. And the best part is it’s cheap, too. Throw on a pair of black cat ears and a tail and you’re done. 

6.  Candy Bars: This is another good and easy group costume. All you need is the right color and some creative abilities to draw the name of your favorite candy on a shirt. Or even easier, buy a cheap shirt with your favorite candy logo on it. 

7.  Professions: Put on a badge and a hat and you’re a police officer. Scrubs and you are a doctor. Lab coat and you are a scientist. You can dress up as the stereotype of your major and have room to make it your own. 

8.  Decades: Throw on neon and big hair and you’ve got the ‘80’s.  Curled hair and flapper dresses or slicked back hair and suit and you’ve got the ‘20’s. You can pick from any decade. 

9.  Rock stars: This is another fun one. You can be a random rock star with big hair, crazy makeup and ripped jeans. Or you can be a famous rock star. One fun idea I saw for a group of girls is the different stages of Brittney Spears. Or for the guys, the Beatles. 

10.  Famous Couples: For all you couples out there, look for a famous couple that wears outfits similar to the ones you already own and you have a costume. If you have a black dress and you can be Gatsby and Daisy. Black leather jackets and you could be Sandy and Danny from Grease. 

11.  Witch/Wizard: This is another classic costume. Throw on a black outfit and a pointy hat and go as a wizard or witch. 

12.  The Seasons: We all have different outfits that epitomize summer, winter, fall and spring. So why not get three friends and be the four seasons? Wear what you would normally wear in that season and you’re done. 

13.    Zombie/Monster: This costume allows you to wear normal clothes and just add a little makeup to your face and arms. Make yourself pale and add some fangs and you can be a vampire. Some bruises and blood and be a zombie. You can make it as cute or scary as you want. 

     Remember, Halloween is supposed to be a fun night to allow yourself to be anything or anyone you want, so have fun with your costume and be creative!