Restaurant of the Week



Joanna Carbone

Besito’s is a brand new Mexican restaurant in Suburban Square, Ardmore. The restaurant is part of a chain, with locations along the East Coast. It opened just last week, and already requires a reservation made days in advance. If you don’t happen to have one, expect a wait most days of the week. 

On Besito’s menu there are a couple of things you cannot miss. The first and most important is tableside guacamole. No matter the party size, guacamole is a must when you eat here. 

It is made personally for your table, so it’s to your spice and taste preference. Personally, I would come here for the guacamole alone. 

I tried a few things at Besito’s—tacos, salads, soup—but my highest recommendation would be the Iron Skillet Tacos; pollo or carne asada would be my choice.  

By the time you get to dessert you will probably pass because you are so full, but every Besito’s meal is completed with complimentary churros.

Besito’s is definitely a pricier restaurant but should be on every student’s must hit list. 

It accomplishes what many chains fail to accomplish: it is a restaurant defined by its food and not its name. A must-try.