10 signs… it’s SpO weekend



Sarah Harris

10. The dorms are empty and quiet all day because everyone is volunteering for an event or O-Town. 

9. Everyone is wearing a blue, green or seafoam green shirt to indicate they are helping, have helped or will help with the events at sometime during the weekend. 

8. The dining halls are filled with different counties of athletes trying to get the “true” college dining hall experience. 

7. Every inch of main campus is being used for events for the athletes or activities for them to do while they are waiting for their game. 

6. There is more free giveaways by the Oreo and in O-Town than any other weekend. It’s better to just bring a bag with you because the giveaways are overwhelming. 

5. There are at least 1,200 new faces on campus at all times during the weekend. 

4. Every club, sport, or organization on campus has come together to help with the event. 

3. The library is filled on late Sunday afternoon because everyone is just beginning their homework. 

2. Everyone is working really hard to make sure the weekend is the best weekend for the athletes and their families. 

1. Hearing “This is the best weekend of the year,” on repeat from students and athletes because it is the best weekend of the year.