5 Activities to heal your winter blues



Joanna Carbone

Jonas took us by storm— literally—and had many of us trapped inside all weekend. We have weeks of winter left in store, so here are some fun ideas for what to do inside on a snow day: 

1. Break out your skillet: With dining halls running on the dregs of last week’s menu, this is the perfect time to cultivate your inner Martha Stewart. If you have access to a kitchen (or can mooch off of one of your friends) try out a fun new recipe that you would not normally try! What are the best ones to try? Fresh baked cinnamon rolls, French toast and so much more. Of course, if you are not in the mood to measure and wait for things to rise, cracking open a roll of Pillsbury deliciousness is not a bad idea either. 

2. Jumpstart spring-cleaning: Cleaning is not fun, but let’s be honest, you may not have cleaned up or done your laundry since coming back from winter break. Bite the bullet since you are stuck in your own mess anyway, and make it a little more manageable. Side note: you can clean while binge watching your favorite show!

3. Take-out feast: Think “Gilmore Girls,” when Rory spends her first week at college. Get together with a ton of your friends and order something from multiple local takeout spots. Not only will you not have to leave your dorm, but you will find which places are your favorite for ordering in next time you ‘literally do not have the time’ to go to the dining hall. 

4. Closet shopping: Take the opportunity to go through your closet and clear out anything you do not need. You can take this a step farther and take all of your unwanted clothes and swap it with your friends! One man’s garbage is another man’s glory—or in this case a slightly worn graphic tee.

5. Contests Galore: Tune in your inner child and let your competitive side free! Use your imagination and get together with your friends. This works for anything from a snowman contest, the best “Frozen” reenactment or a hot chocolate making contest—think a ‘Black Tap’ milkshake-inspired creation!

Kick out the cold and enjoy the next snow day that hits campus! Fingers crossed that it will be soon.