10 Totally Random Questions for…Caroline Foley

Breanna DiMaio

1. What is your go-to “knock-knock” joke?

#1: Knock-Knock. #2 Who’s there? #1 To. #2 To who? #1 To WHOM.

2. What Disney movie describes your high school experience?

I would probably say “The 13th Year,” because I am actually a mermaid.

3. Where would you rather be right now? 

Next to a warm fireplace with hot cider and a cat on my lap.

4. What do you turn down for? 

Musical theatre and movie soundtracks-#turndownforWHAT.

5. What Yankee candle could you smell for the rest of your life?

Christmas cookie candle!

6. Who is your Queen? 

I’m caught between Queen Bey and Janelle Monae.

7. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? 

237? 143? Maybe 179?

8. What new music are you anticipating the most? 

I don’t know of any details from Kanye or Beyoncé, but if I did know they were dropping new music, I would be very excited. 

9. What did you want to be when you were little? 

I went through phases: first, I wanted to be a teacher, then, an archeologist and a paleontologist. Now, I have no idea what I want to be!

10. What are you most excited for as you start your new journey as co-Editor-in-Chief of The Villanovan? 

I am most excited to learn as much as I can about the University, the student body and newspaper production. There are so many clubs and activities that everyone should know about. Journalism is about empowering the informed, and so I am seeking to both represent the student body and to deliver quality news to bring about change and education.