Second LSD Arrest on South Campus



Neil MacDonald

Another drug-related arrest was made by Radnor Police on south campus during the evening of Saturday, March 12. According to Department of Public Safety records, Radnor Police arrested freshman John Patrick Visser in Good Counsel Hall. Visser, of Aurora, Colo., was allegedly in possession of “synthetic narcotics,” specifically LSD. The blotter record also indicates Visser intended to sell the synthetic narcotics and was in possession of other drug paraphernalia. 

A search of public court records shows Visser has been hit with multiple charges in Pennsylvania magisterial court. Court records show Visser is facing charges including receiving stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to deliver of a controlled substance and an alcohol-related charge. Bail was set at $50,000, and Visser was confined for one night in Delaware County jail before posting bail the next day.

This arrest comes after last month’s arrest of two other freshmen students on LSD-related charges. At the time, the University issued a statement condemning any and all drug-related activity on campus. On Tuesday, Father John Stack, Vice President of Student Life, sent an email to students and parents regarding the recent spike in drug-related incidents on campus. The email read in part, “As you may know, there have been two incidents involving LSD use by students over the past few weeks that have resulted in several hospitalizations and arrests. The students involved in these cases are facing serious penalties that include criminal arrest and possible suspension or expulsion from the University.” Father Stack went on to urge all students to report information on LSD use on campus to public safety. He also reiterated that the penalties for using LSD are severe, and that the University offers support and educational programs dealing with drug use.

Though unable to confirm a definite connection, Director of Public Safety David Tedjeske believes the recent arrest and last month’s incident are related. “Given the rarity of the drug and the fact that the students lived in the same building, I do believe they were connected, yes,” Tedjeske said. He went on to confirm that the LSD tabs found in this arrest look similar to those found in the February incident. “The individual was a major source for the incidents that happened recently on south campus,” Tedjeske said. Given the serious nature of the drug, Tedjeske’s concern regarding its presence on campus was palpable. “Even one case of LSD use is too many, in my view.”

    Calls for comment to Radnor Police went unreturned as of press time. 

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Photo Courtesy of Villanova University