Ten signs…it’s finally the end of the semester

Morgan Hazel

1. You convince yourself it’s warm enough outside to wear a T-shirt and shorts, and the second the temperature gets slightly above 60 degrees, you act like you’ve never seen the sun before.

2. Every day you think you must have misread the date. There’s no possible way it is already mid-April.

3. With the great weather, it’s a borderline violent battle to find a table outside during peak lunch hours. Every man for himself.

4. The next few weeks have turned into a bad college remix of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Four final papers, three group projects, two presentations and a ridiculous amount of reading that you probably won’t even do. 

5. It’s occurred to you that, if you plan it just right and repeat outfits just enough, you might not have to do laundry until you get home. 

6. Every once in a while you remember that a summer job isn’t going to find itself, and money doesn’t grow on trees and then you are hit with an overwhelming sadness and decide not to think about it. 

7. If they aren’t already completely gone, you’ve started strategically rationing your points. 

8. You have only two weeks left to get a picture with a senior on the basketball team and the stress is starting to get to you. 

9. You forget what it’s like to be somewhere other than ‘Nova where throwing up your V’s isn’t an acceptable form of communication.

10. You’re caught in a tug of war between wanting so badly to not have to open another textbook and not wanting to leave your friends for three whole months.