Neighboring perspective: Penn’s politics do not support Trump, one of their own



Sarah Nam

The Villanovan reached out to the university of pennsylvania’s Daily Pennsylvanian to discuss the political atmosphere on its campus.Though presidential candidate Donald Trump is an alumnus of the University, the majority of it’s current students do not endorse him, according to a poll conducted by the Daily Pennsylvanian. The results revealed that most College Republicans are in fact leaning away from Trump during this election. 

“The student body, as a whole, is very liberal,” Lauren Sorantino, Daily Pennsylvanian Beat Reporter, and former Opinion editor for The Villanovan, said. “Trump supporters are rare.” 

Regardless of the candidates they support, Penn students are extremely engaged in the election. Many students who intern at the government support their political stance with intelligent reasoning. 

“People are extremely educated,” Sorantino said. “Conversations are factually based and supported with evidence.” 

While Wharton, the University’s business school, is more conservative, Sorantino describes the conservatives on campus as “practical conservatives.”

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is very liberal. Despite differing opinions, Penn strives to keep the atmosphere on campus educated and respectful. Within classrooms, professors assure that their opinions are neutral and conversations open-minded. 

“Politics, regardless of people’s viewpoints, is always being talked about,” Sorantino said. 

Across campuses, students prepare for the upcoming election. At the University, shuttles will take registered student voters to their respective polling stations.