The American Authors take Philly

Megan Gillen

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, American Authors’ upbeat, infectious tunes filled the Fillmore in Philadelphia on tour with The Fray, as a part of their North American tour for Through the Years: The Best of the Fray album. The Fray recently released this new album, which features three new singles and Kanye West “Heartless” cover. American Authors accompany The Fray during the Fall 2016 leg of the tour and continue to make a name for themselves with their recently released sophomore album “What We Live For.”

 The members in the Boston-based rock outfit have been pursuing their passion for performing and writing music since they dropped out of college. This year marks the 10th anniversary since the band’s formation. They discovered their mutual love of music while attending college in Boston, the band has a pop-rock vibe and major hits from both of their full-length albums.

The first album called “Oh, What a Life” featured hit singles, which they are probably best known for, “Believer” and “Best Day of My Life,” were both performed Wednesday night, in addition to many songs from their new album, released earlier this year. Singles from American Authors’ second album include “Pride,” “What We Live For” and “I’m Born to Run.”

 Wednesday night’s performance attracted many of their fans in the Philadelphia region, with a nearly packed venue enjoying the high energy and infectious music from American Authors. Opening with the hit single from “What We Live For,” “Go Big or Go Home,” the band members excited the crowd and set the tone for the rest of their performance. 

The audience was treated to a cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” and later, the crowd was asked for help during their song “Right Here Right Now” to continue their high-energy atmosphere. 

The crowd truly came alive with the first few notes of The Band’s major hit single, “Believer,” which included a mashup of MGMT’s “Kids.” Ending with their wildly popular track “Best Day of My Life,” American Authors ignited the audience, getting everyone on their feet to rock out to a truly fun and enjoyable performance.