Although the origin of Valentine’s Day is quite convoluted, most theories are based off of an act of passion or courage. They include stories of sacrifice and admiration in the face of fear, love letters while in confinement for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. It seems though, according to the thoughts of the Editorial Staff, that Valentine’s Day is the farthest thing from emotion-filled these days, instead producing rather lackluster reactions. Those who choose to participate feel pressure to meet high expectations, taking away the romantic aspect of the day, while those who have no one to spend it with often do not have the energy to arouse bitter and hatred opinions against the day either. 

    It could be said that in today’s age of social media and technology (we know you have heard that a thousand times, but bear with us), Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which individuals are forced to express their feelings. This incessant need to produce and showcase emotion on demand perhaps finds its way in our age of living that is dependent on expressing these feelings publicly and immediately through media outlets. Not to say that our generation lacks spontaneity, but, it is somewhat false to be told to express your truest emotion on a specific day of the year. Valentine’s Day conveniently plays into our consumerist market with sales going through the roof on gifts, cards and jewelry as well. 

Despite Valentine’s Day falling victim to the modern way of life, we urge those of you to not view this holiday as an obligation, but a reminder. Perhaps the particular date of February 14 does not happen to hold a lot of meaning (unless it falls on a Tuesday, then it would naturally hold worth on the night of production). In that case, let this frivolous and often overlooked holiday serve as a break from the rough reality we face every other day. Give into those consumerist ideals, buy some chocolates and a few pints of ice cream. Use the day to catch up with your friends or family. Watch that cliche romantic comedy for the ninth time. Simply remind yourself to take a break and step back every once in awhile—you deserve to.