Athletics Department releases new app for ‘Nova sports fans

Erin Gormley

Juggling a busy college schedule filled with a multitude of classes as well as extracurricular activities can leave very little room to do things like carving out time to attend a University sporting event. This problem can easily be resolved just by tapping your smartphone. The Villanova Athletics Department has produced a new app that allows fans to connect easily with their favorite sports teams here on campus. Instead of struggling to search team websites for schedules and other sports-related updates, they can now find it all in one place in a relatively effortless manner. 

Search for “Villanova Athletics” in the App Store and have access to every DI sport at your fingertips. The easy-to-navigate app allows you to choose your favorite sports teams in order to stay up-to-date with any given team. The app is split up into categories, located on the sidebar, where you can find information on everything from schedules to facilities. If you wanted to attend the next women’s field hockey game, you can find the schedule, figure out where their field is located and how to get there and even watch previous highlights from prior games. This is much more convenient than figuring out everything from other Internet sources and reliable, as it is information straight from Villanova Athletics. 

The app’s best feature, similar to well-known sports networks, allows fans to get real time information about their favorite Wildcat teams, regardless of whether they have a large fan base. Therefore, fans can receive live info even if the basketball team is miles away. The app’s newsfeed provides the latest social media posts and articles about the various University teams with things such as scores and live Tweets about events. 

There is also a category that allows fans to purchase tickets for the next big game day. After fans purchase tickets, they can easily go to another section of the app that takes them directly to the bookstore’s website so they can get geared up for game day.

An issue that arises with the new Villanova Athletics app is that not many people know it exists. This can be a marketing pitfall if no one knows that you can easily have access to the ‘Nova Nation. For improvement in this area, the Athletic Department might be able to gain more exposure for the app by advertising it at games. If the app receives more attention, attendance at sporting events might improve. Everyone wants to go to a basketball game, but other sports at the University need fans too. 

The new app allows members of the ‘Nova Nation to be on the go and in the know.