Apply to The Villanovan


Apply to The Villanovan

The mission of Villanova University’s newspaper of record is to document significant events on campus and events important to the Villanova community while serving as a platform for discussion for the student body. Staff members work with their respective editors to develop content that completely and accurately covers the topics encompassed by their section.


The Villanovan accepts applicants on a rolling basis within for each of the following roles:

News: News staff writers work to cover significant on campus news and events as well as broader area and societal news that is relevant to the Villanova community. This staff also works to compile the Public Safety blotter for weekly issues. 

Culture: Culture staff writers work to cover significant events and relevant topics that relate to entertainment, arts and human interest. This staff also works to create miscellaneous entertainment content such as horoscopes and “Coffee Break”.

Opinion: Opinion staff writers work to cover an array of on campus issues, as well as wider cultural topics and contemporary issues that are relevant to college students, from a variety of perspectives. Writers are invited to share their own views, but are expected to back up their opinions with facts and proper context. 

Sports: Sports staff writers work to cover the University’s sports organizations, club teams, and intramural programs through game recaps and feature articles. This staff takes point on the production of The Villanovan’s basketball season preview magazine and March Madness coverage, as well as the production of the staff’s podcast, ‘Podcats’.

Photo: Staff photographers work in support of our photography editor to provide photos and other media to supplement articles. The staff also works collectively to cover events and photograph the campus to create a library of University stock images for as needed use.

Graphic Design: Staff graphic designers work in support of our digital editor to create and develop content for The Villanovan‘s website and social media accounts. This staff also works to create graphics as needed to accompany articles as well as to assist with the design of flyers as needed. This staff works primarily in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Copy Desk: Copy editors work to ensure that The Villanovan publishes correct, high quality content. Copy editors meet on Monday evenings to review the articles for the week’s issue and work to verify facts, dates and information, as well as to check spelling and grammar. Editors will learn and use AP style as well as The Villanovan house style to ensure that all published content remains cohesive in grammatical structure and style.

Previous experience is not required. Many of our writers and editors began their time with The Villanovan with little to no experience working in student journalism. New staff members will be taught and mentored as needed. The most valuable assets an applicant can bring to the table are strong interest and dedication.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.