WXVU’s Fall Gig Brings New Philly Sounds to Campus



Mary Kaitlin Enright Staff Writer

On Oct. 19, WXVU hosted its Fall Gig in the Villanova Room of the Connelly Center, which was sponsored by CAT Music. For the second year in a row now, WXVU radio was able to work with CAT. Music to bring an all-Philly lineup to campus for a night of some local tunes. With performances from Soft Idiot, Ill Fated Natives, APHRA, Ivy Sole and headliner Cayetana, the concert brought new and exciting music to campus that diversified the musical scene of the University.

First up on the lineup was Soft Idiot, a band of four incredibly talented male artists. They brought to the stage a set of some great head-nodding jams to open the concert. Their music, a crunchy take on modern soft rock, was lively and entertaining, getting the crowd moving. 

Following their set, Ill Fated Natives, a psych-blues earth rock trio, took the stage to play a set that rocked the house. From the group’s trendy patched jean jackets that gave the group a grunge, modern look, to their excellent music on stage, this group killed it. I found myself tapping my foot among a crowd of flowing fans, and there was no way to stop anyone from feeling that music.

Next up was APHRA (Rebecca Waychunas), a dark dream-pop star with a gorgeously unique look and sound. With the words “Help Puerto Rico” painted on her legs, APHRA made a statement not only with her outfit, but also with her performance. The mix of her beautiful voice and her inspirational interpretive dancing had my attention fixated on stage for her entire set. Waychunas’s lyrics were beautiful with emotional charge based on her past experiences, which she exposes through her music on stage in an infused sound entirely unique to her persona. Her passion and involvement with her music made it not only a performance, but an experience of musical talent. APHRA expanded my belt of musical taste, as she truly moved every one the room with her devoted, interpretive style in a way I had never seen before.

Following APHRA, Ivy Sole, a hip-hop goddess and catchy rapper, performed. Sole took the stage with a bold personality and a stage presence that got the crowd moving and involved, turning the Villanova Room into her Sole house. Her soul-chasing deep lyrics had the crowd feeling the tunes in their chests, and her passion for her music was palpable. Both she and her DJ performed with such chemistry to their music. The poetic beauty in her rap lyrics, in combination with the emotion with which she sang, really hit home in a great, catchy,  get-your-feet-moving kind of set.

Last up was headliner Cayetana, a group of badass punk style artists with a killer set. The band’s members, bass guitarist/backup vocalist Allegra Anka, guitarist and lead vocalist Augusta Koch, and drummer and backup vocalist Kelly Olsen, are three very well-performed artists who know what they’re doing. The group’s grungey modern rock gave the Villanova Room a great set. This very talented band of artists was the perfect end to the night with their foot-tapping jam session. I would highly recommend hitting up their music and giving it a listen for some feel-it-in-your-heart, good tunes, in their new album which they performed on Thursday, “New Kind of Normal.” 

I, along with the rest of the attending crowd, had a great time enjoying some Philly sounds, especially as an out-of-towner. This concert was a great way to be introduced to some new music on the scene, and I would highly recommend checking out some of the performers and their albums. They are definitely worth the listen.