Younger Generations Must be the Ones Advocating for Change



Younger Generations Must be the Ones Advocating for Change

By: Minal Patel

The politicians of the United States may not be jumping to invoke change in policy after the recent gun violence in the aftermath of the Florida shooting, but students everywhere certainly are. 

Throughout March and April, students and activists have marked the calendar to protest gun policy in America and march for change. The National School Walkout on March 14 and the March for Our Lives on March 24 are two scheduled events in the coming weeks. 

School walkouts and anti-gun protests are imperative for change, but the true momentum is arising directly from the voices of the victims. They are pushing back against lawmakers in person, demanding answers, as well as through social media. 

The voices of these teenagers are speaking louder than any policy changes instilled by politicians. The nature of the circumstances are distressing, but now more than ever, there is a need for the youth of the nation to demand change in an increasingly ignorant world. 

A high school in Texas threatened students with suspension if they took part in walkouts that demanded action on gun violence. The superintendent has been recorded as saying, “We are here for an education and not a political protest” in a note on the school’s Facebook page. 

This mentality prevents students from invoking their rights to socially speak out against political wrongs. The fact that the superintendent is punishing students for expressing a political view is what is preventing this country from making change and preventing mass shootings. 

The students of the Florida high school are making waves as they stand up for the true issues at hand. It is imperative that every student around the country can freely support them and speak out for what is right. 

In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, politicians are still unable to answer the people of this country on why they continue to support gun rights. 

Even small strides for gun control can go a long way from preventing teenagers and reporteded mentally unstable people from purchasing guns. At the recent town hall filled with students and parents from the high school, a junior asked Marco Rubio, “Would you refuse to accept donations from the National Rifle Association in the future?” 

As usual, he hesitated and continued to support the Second Amendment. He had the audacity to tell victims and parents of victims that his political agenda overpowered the lives of children in American universities and schools. 

Rubio, like many politicians, finds the value of money to be weigh heavier than  the value of the lives of Americans. 

Every time there is a mass shooting, the people of America promise themselves that it will never happen again. However, with every shooting there is a question that always comes back to haunt us: “why couldn’t we prevent this from occurring again the last time?” 

The answer to this is the lack of reform for gun laws. Politicians see the consequences guns have on a society and continue to turn a blind eye to the needless suffering of humanity. The question that must be asked then is whether or not one’s political agenda outweighs the lives of people. 

The murder of 17 people caused their families anguish. It ended the futures of 17 innocent people. These consequences don’t account for the need to allow a 19 year old to buy a gun with ease. 

The victims of the shooting are relentless in their fight for tighter gun control laws. It’s time that our entire society came together to stand up for what’s right, and ensure that our policy makers do what is right. 

The #NeverAgain movement has to become a reality for the future of humanity. The key to achieve a safer future lies in the younger generation. We can instill change in America.