One For the World Comes to University


Courtesy of One For the World's Facebook page

One For the World Comes to University

Emily Cox Staff Writer

Started at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014, One for the World is an organization that asks students and alumni to pledge 1% of their post-graduate income to effective charities that aim to end extreme poverty around the world. Evan McVail ’18 founded the chapter of One for the World at Villanova, and Gillian Wangler ’18 serves alongside him as Co-President. “One for the World Villanova aims to do two things,” McVail said. “The first thing is to educate the Villanova community about extreme poverty in the developing world, and also educate and motivate people about how we can end it through effective altruism…Second, we provide a simple and easy platform for students and young professionals to pledge.”

Both McVail and Wangler agree that, as a school community, “Villanovans should do more than talk about caritas.” Roughly translating to charitable love, caritas urges action. One for the World allows students to live out the message of caritas beyond their four years on campus.      

Instead of fundraising on campus like many other student-run organizations on campus, One for the World advocates for an income pledge by students and alumni after graduation. McVail and Wangler emphasize the ease of a mere pledge. Wangler elaborates, “Everyone wants to do good in the world, and everyone wants to have a social impact,” Wangler said. “Eventually our time becomes limited and our money becomes a better resource we can use. My money does what my time can’t.” A monetary promise allows students to engage with the idea of effective action and giving. 

 One for the World will be hosting speakers and pledge weeks throughout the semester to encourage interaction with the idea of charitable giving for a greater purpose. Through the use of social media and one-on-one interactions with members of the school community, McVail and Wangler hope the message will pick up traction. They emphasize the ease of a simple commitment and the importance to contribute to effectual organizations that already provide nets to prevent malaria transmission, free health-care services, unconditional cash transfers to rural communities, and health workers to deliver life-saving products to those in need.          

Students can get involved by taking the pledge if the message resonates and spreading the word with friends and classmates. They will have applications for board members and committee chairs in the spring. One for the World additionally has student ambassador positions for those who hope to spread the message but do not have the time to commit. They hope to provide accessible ways for students and alumni to support their mission while in school and for years following.          

Sixteen pledges strong, One for the World hopes to spread the simplicity and effectiveness of their mission with the University community. Ending poverty around the world is not an impossible goal. One for the World aims to effectively  help those in need by providing an easy platform based on thought and simple actions. As McVail and Wangler both say, One for the World is “an avenue for Villanovans to do good.”