University Celebrates Who’s Who Award

Andrew McKeough

On Friday, Jan. 26, 58 University students gathered in the Villanova Room to receive one of the most prestigious collegiate awards in the United States. These students all became members of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. 

Started by Henry Pettus Randall, Jr. in 1934, Who’s Who is the premier honors program for over 1,000 universities and colleges across the country. 

“Over the past forty years Villanova has used this award to recognize and honor our own students who, through their leadership ability, service to the Villanova community, and academic achievement have personified the values of Villanova University.” 

Each student is selected by a committee who chose students not just based off of their academic excellence, but also on their extracurricular achievements outside of the classroom. 

Kate Szumanski, Director of Professional Development and Internships in the Office for Undergraduate Students, who has been on the committee said that, “recognizing and celebrating students who make our campus a stronger, more dynamic, and more vibrant community are virtues that Who’s Who espouses.” 

She continued to say that  “this year’s honorees are so well deserving. I’m deeply grateful to all of these students who make Villanova a better place through their academic and service contributions.” 

During University President Rev. Peter Donohue’s remarks, he spoke about how many of the students gathered in the room are presidents, secretaries and leaders who have all dedicated their lives for the organizations which they represent. 

He acknowledged that they are leaders who have helped pave a way for their fellow Villanovans to come. 

Among those being honored were Bridge Society President Ashden Personius. “It’s a really major honor that you do not realize you have been working towards until you have been nominated,” Personious said. 

Personius added that, “You do not take leadership roles and service opportunities to receive awards.” Rather “you do it because you are passionate about what you are doing and that is why you get nominated.”