Ballet X Spring Showcase Plays in Philadelphia

Rachel Vullo Staff Writer

From March 7 to 18, Ballet X, one of Philadelphia’s best known contemporary ballet companies held their Spring Showcase at the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia. The Spring Showcase featured eleven exquisite and elegant dancers performing three unique pieces. The New York Times described Ballet X and their Spring Showcase as “wacky, eccentric and fabulous.” 

The first piece was choreographed by Darrel Grand Moultrie and entitled Vivir. Darrel formerly choreographed for Beyoncé’s “Mrs. Carter World Tour.” The dancers were quirky and elastic with their movements. The piece was meant to exhibit the choreographer’s experiences in Spanish Harlem and used a mixture of Latin and Afro-Caribbean music. 

The second, choreographed by Matthew Neenan and entitled “Increasing,” utilized a live orchestra of five musicians from the Curtis Institute of Music. The second piece was completely unique from the first, utilizing an entirely new style of ballet. The dancer’s versatility was highlighted well in this piece.

The third and final piece was choreographed by Trey McIntyre and entitled “The Boogeyman.” The dance was high energy and meant to capture the counterculture spirit of the 1970s using Motown style music. The dancers showed off their acting skills in combination with incomparable technique.

Ballet X has been a modern feature of the Philadelphia arts scene since its founding in 2005. The company has performed worldwide at over 60 world premieres. It will host its summer showcase from July 11 to the 22 at the Wilma Theater this summer.