L.A. Duo FRENSHIP Performs at The Foundry in Philadelphia



By: Alison Nieto Culture Editor

On Friday, April 13, American electro-pop due FRENSHIP played the Foundry in Philadelphia. The group is traveling across the country on its “Good Morning Goodbye” Tour.

The Foundry is a very intimate venue, which allows for a special experience between the audience and the artist. The show started at 9 PM, as the band Yoke Lore taking the stage. It opened for FRENSHIP with its uncanny knack for creating something magical. Yoke Lore, an indie pop act from New York explored the genre through eclectic sounds. Who knew a banjo could be so cool? The act consists solely of former WALK THE MOON and Yellerkin member Adrian Galvin, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and visual artist who looks to create unforgettable pop songs with tactile sincerity and conviction by combining banjo, vocals and percussion. The group gave an unforgettable opening that hyped the crowd up for the main act. 

When FRENSHIP took the stage, it was shocking that a crowd so small could be so loud. The L.A. duo opened its set with its hit song “Carpet,” off of its Truce EP.  The duo, which consists of James Sunderland and Brett Hite, incorporated older releases with its newest release, creating a fluid set that kept the audience grooving with the music. The group delivered an intimate performance, as they sang songs about truth, lost love and life. They spoke to the audience in a personal way, with an unspoken understanding of similarity in experiences. The duo’s latest release, “LOVE Somebody,” talks about an ex-lover. Sunderland explained that the song was written as an ode to an ex-lover whom he wanted to send off with a heartfelt song. 

It was a way for him to wish that person happiness with someone else, a goodbye that never got to be said. The interpretation of the song is left up to the listener, as each song is like a personal letter to the listener. Standing in the crowd of strangers, it felt like a community had been formed of different people going through similar experiences. Suddenly, it felt like every person in the room was a close friend, experiencing some kind of cathartic release through the electric sounds of FRENSHIP. 

The band played its mega-hit “Capsize” towards the end of the set, a nice send-off to a group of dedicated music fans. 

Music has a way of speaking to everyone. It helps to enlighten difficult situations, provide a sense of camaraderie during hardship and celebrate the good times. It can say the things that may seem impossible to those who may not want to listen. Music is universal and that universal feeling was captured perfectly by FRENSHIP on Friday night. The band continues on the North American leg of its tour, and with performances like Friday night’s, it’s hard to imagine anyone not having a great time.