Rosie’s Returns Under New Management


deanna galloway

Reagan Wish Staff Reporter

 Rosie’s Coffee is, after a year-long wait, back and better than ever. The student-favorite coffee shop was closed for the last two semesters but is now up and running in the capable hands of Deanna Galloway. 

Galloway always wanted to run a coffeeshop. She loves everything about the work. She and her husband always joked that if they ever won the lottery, she’d still want to work as a barista. So, when her husband saw that Rosie’s was for sale, he brought the opportunity up to Deanna right away. She met with the previous owner and soon had a coffeeshop of her very own.

There was a lot of work to be done before reopening—Galloway and her husband undertook a ton of small projects to renovate Rosie’s. The love that they put into the renovations is apparent. Current juniors or seniors can walk into Rosie’s and notice how much bigger and brighter the space seems. The feeling is augmented by Galloway’s (never-failing) cheerful greeting. While I hung out in the shop between interview questions, I watched her chat with the students ordering their morning coffees. After saying hello, Galloway always asked them more about their days. She engaged with her customers, and was genuinely curious about how the students who pass through Rosie’s are doing. She values connecting with us.  “It’s important to get to know the students and to talk to them,”she said. Galloway also places value on learning the names of her customers, and although “it’s not easy to remember so many names,” she tells me it’s extremely rewarding.  

When Galloway sat back down with me, I asked her what she is most looking forward to in running a business on campus. She replied that she is most excited to be a part of the community. Living near campus, she often brings her children to play and walk at The University and has had a few student babysitters. She is no stranger to “Villanova Nice” and is excited that she’s been embraced by our community. “Everyone here is so nice,” she said. “I’ve never had a student be rude to me here.” As someone who values family and community, Galloway is right at home on our campus.

The menu at Rosie’s has also been renovated before reopening. Some of Galloway’s favorite drinks are an almond milk latte with honey in the morning and of course, a cold brew in the afternoon. 

My personal favorite drink is one of the fall specials, the apple cider chai latte. If coffee is not your jam, Rosie’s also offers smoothies and snacks. Galloway is working to expand the food offerings for students looking for fun meals or sweet treats. In addition to the pitaya and acai bowls, she is introducing oatmeal to the menu and has delicious baked goods (such as chocolate chip cookies or apple bread) for anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up. 

Next time you are on your way to West, swing into Rosie’s. You will leave with a deliciously caffeinated drink and a smile.