Lady Lamb’s New Release “Even In The Tremor” Leaves Us Wanting More


lady lamb

Betsey Carroll Staff Writer

We can always count on Lady Lamb’s music to lend us her own heart’s longing. The Brooklyn-based indie rock artist has announced that her third full-length album will drop on April 5 through Ba Da Bing Records. Her new single “Even In The Tremor” (for which the LP is named) trades her succinct electric guitar strum and unique fingerpicking style for an edgier, less instrumental approach. 

As always with her wordy lyrics, “Tremor” sounds like a poem that woke up in the body of a song. The double vocals combined with harsher melody result in a sound that’s more rock n’ roll than we remember, reminiscent of Philadelphia‘s The Districts, with whom Lady Lamb toured in 2015. The Districts’ most recent album, “Popular Manipulations,” also strayed from their raw instrumentation to invite in newer, drum-heavy sound. Lady Lamb seems to be on the same wavelength as her style evolves. 

Lady Lamb makes music that claims a room in your heart and stays there. Her 2013 debut LP, Ripely Pine, was a smash hit, with haunting yet hopeful tracks like “Aubergine, You Are The Apple,” and “Bird Balloons.” Her driving vocal intensity nudges listeners’ awareness of rapid transition into the background, but by the end of a song, you will be left wondering how you arrived there. Lady Lamb’s tectonic music bleeds passion with every shift in mood, melody and tempo. Her songs tell the whole story: a track will take you, lyrically and musically, though a love story from beginning to end, with no emotion unaccounted for. To put it simply: she shreds.

Advice from her long-time production team to turn her arrangements over to industry veterans led Lady Lamb to join forces with little-known producer Erin Tokon, who is committed to staying true to the vision, “It’s taken me years to get here,” Lady Lamb tells Glide magazine. “But I’m done with hiding myself. I want to be as honest as I can because that’s why people turn to art. Anybody can tell the difference between bull…. and real vulnerability.” The sincerity in her songwriting is what keeps listeners coming back. She invites us into her beautifully articulated experiences as if they were always ours.

Lady Lamb begins her Spring 2019 North American Tour April 10th in Hamden, Connecticut and wraps up on June 10th in Portland, Oregon. 

Lady Lamb’s new single denouements into layers of whispery foreground for the now-softened melody as it carries us out: “Even in the tremor, I can feel a stillness growing…”