Why #METOO Will Matter in the 2020 Election

American politics is often portrayed as a dangerous arena filled with amoral people who reside in the pocket of major corporations rather than with their constituents.  It also has not surprised many Americans recently that, as a result of #Metoo, many of those politicians have been accused of sexual assault by former staffers, interns, or people from their youth.  However this past March, Joe Biden was the latest high profile politician to have allegations levied against him.  No longer the pleasant lifelong politician that everyone knew him as, Biden  turns out to have have skeletons in his closet.

Joe Biden has been involved in politics since 1972.  Specifically he has been in the American political spotlight from his 2008 presidential campaign as well as his time as Vice-President under Barack Obama.  Media outlets and social media alike praised Biden for his likeable and down-to-Earth demeanor.

In so many pictures, he can be seen laughing and eating ice cream with major political figures. To many politically minded Americans, it was almost impossible to imagine the list of potential accusations against one of the nation’s favorite politicians, yet they still exist.

While Biden is not the first politician to be accused of sexual assault, he is one of the most surprising.  With the shock comes several new schools of thought.  Anyone can be accused of sexual assault and is not necessarily going to be the stereotypical image that many people perpetuate.  When people who have power, such as Biden, they often take advantage of their positions.  This is not a new story in politics.  Nevertheless, as Americans, we should prepare to hear such events.  Even our most beloved politicians can have such large skeletons hiding in their closets, but acknowledging that such events happened is not enough especially if they never should have happened at all.  Americans should be ready to rewrite the rules of personal conduct.

For too long, victims of sexual assault have been pushed aside after condolences are given.  Those convicted need consequences for the pain and suffering they have caused others while in the workplace.  Nobody should leave their home thinking they might potentially be assaulted and then feel powerless to confront the individual due to their notoriety.  While Biden may have been a beloved gem of American politics, his productive past does not resolve his inappropriate conduct.  Respect of others should be ubiquitous, and as more notable personas continue to fall into the unforgiving world of sexual assault allegations, maybe more respect will be given.  There are more policies to bring accusations to the forefront as well as more statutes in place to protect the survivors.

It is time for everyone to do their part and keep the fight for #Metoo continuing its evolution.  Not only will it protect those wronged in the current generation ,but it may possibly prevent individuals from being wronged in later generations.  Think of the future and put in the work to make the next generation feel even safer than the current.