1842 Day: A Holiday of Giving

Ryan Harms Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 17th, the Villanova community will take part in its third annual day of giving. Since its inception in the fall of 2017, 1842 Day has served as an opportunity for Villanovans to promote school pride and celebrate what they love about the University. Donors are encouraged to support areas such as academics, athletics or student life and to contribute to the event’s overall goal of reaching 6,000 donors in 24 hours. Donations can be made in person at giving stations located on campus on 1842 Day, by phone or online.

1842 Day is primarily a digital initiative, so most of the giving takes place online through the website. Social media is being utilized to connect the celebration happening on campus with the rest of the Nova Nation. Alumni Lauren Dugan ’15 and Darryl Reynolds ’17 will host the day’s events. Dugan and Reynolds will offer commentary and will livestream the day’s events on platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. These livestreams will also offer an inside look at the recently completed Commons apartments on Lancaster Avenue and the Finneran Pavilion. The Commons and the Pavillion act as examples of advancements made possible through the generosity and support of the Villanova community. 

The 1842 Day celebration teaches students about the importance of stewardship and provides them the opportunity to embody Villanova’s values of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas. There are a multitude of ways for students to become involved in 1842 Day. Students can act as 1842 Ambassadors. Ambassadors encourage others to donate and are a source of information on all things 1842 Day. 

Villanovans can also take part in a picture mosaic either on campus or online through the 1842 Day website. Upwards of 2,300 photos will be used and participants have the opportunity to win prizes by contributing their picture. Prizes range from a Villanova water bottle to an Apple TV. There will also be tags placed throughout campus detailing the schedule of the day’s events. Keep an eye out for “golden ticket” tags that offer whoever finds them a prize pack. 

1842 Day events will also include a 10 X 10 doughnut wall for members of the community to enjoy “Doughnuts with the Deans.” People will also have the opportunity to win money for the featured group of their choice by answering trivia questions in 1 of 4 “Cat Cabs.” University President Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A, Ph. D. and other celebrity guests can be seen riding in these Cat Cabs. Additionally, there will be a special 1842 Day edition of Nova Quizzo, hosted by Father Peter. Students can enjoy a free Taco Tuesday and performances by musical groups on campus. The first 500 students will receive a giveaway. Teams that answer the most questions correctly can donate the money they win to any group or department they choose. 

There are 40 different campaigns to which people can donate. These campaigns include the different Villanova colleges, athletic teams, academic departments, and student groups. Prior to this year’s 1842 Day, students groups, such as NOVA Dance, applied to be featured and were selected by a committee. Each college has a donor challenge based on participation; when a certain amount of donors is reached, a challenge gift is unlocked for that group. When 1842 Day reaches its goal of 6,000 donors in 24 hours, a $1.5 million gift to support LEVEL and the Office of Disability will be donated by a Villanova family. 

The Riley Ellipse and the Connelly Center are the heart of the day’s events, with activities also taking place at the Law School. Members of the community are invited to participate in 1842 Day by making a gift and to take part in a video thanking all donors for their continued support of Villanova. 1842 Day occurs during the St. Thomas of Villanova Celebration Week and culminates with St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service on September 21st. 1842 Day and Day of Service reflect Villanova’s reputation of stewardship as Villanovans give back to both the Villanova and the surrounding community.