What’s VSMT Up To This Spring?

Grant Carter

As the semester marches on to midterms, every student, professor and organization is rushing to make their own schedules work around everything else happening on campus. Villanova Student Musical Theater (VSMT) is certainly no exception. The new Performing Arts Center will soon be the latest addition to the University’s campus, capping nearly two years of construction. It is expected to officially open in late March and is intended to expand the influence and capabilities of the University’s arts scene. It will hopefully also boost VSMT’s presence around campus in several ways, but for now, theater groups they continue to operate out of their typical facilities, namely St. Mary’s and Vasey. 

So, what is VSMT up to until then? This “entirely student-run, undergraduate theater organization produces 3 musicals a year,” according to their official website, and are one of the premier “theatrical outlet(s) for undergraduates working on stage or behind-the-scenes and to facilitate growth in the arts.” As of now, “Singin’ in the Rain” is the only production that has been announced for Winter 2020. It is scheduled to premier on Tuesday, Feb. 18th and runs through Feb. 22nd. It is a one-time chance to see scenes from the film and the original musical played out by University students. It will, of course, be complete with Gene Kelly’s iconic dance number from the 1952 movie. It is likely to be a great show, so consider attending next week to support a pillar of the Villanova arts scene.

If you are looking to be involved, VSMT is open to undergraduate students interested in every aspect of the shows, on and off stage. As a club, they host several social activities for members, and often collaborate with other student organizations, such as Day of Service and NOVAdance.