How to Make Halloween COVID-19 Friendly This Year

Kendall Hayes Staff Writer

With Halloween just around the corner, you are probably asking yourself, “How will Halloween look this year?” Similar to everything else right now, the holiday is going to look and feel very different. Just think about trick or treating: A million little kids’ hands in the same candy bowl? That is a recipe for a disaster, or in modern times, what people call a COVID-19 spike. For Villanova students, this holiday may look the most different, with the rules of no parties and no group gatherings that are not socially distanced in place. With this said, how can Villanova students make Halloween this year COVID-19 friendly? 

The answer is to incorporate your mask into your costume:


Costume #1: Doctor

Everyone has seen how good the cast of Grey’s Anatomy looks dressed in scrubs, so now it is your turn. Be the surgeon you have always dreamed of without the extra years of medical school and residency. Throw on your mask and scrubs and there you have an incredible (and COVID-19 safe) Halloween costume. 


Costume #2: Ninja

This is a costume that has always been COVID-19 friendly. As a ninja, your main job is to fight off the bad guy while staying in disguise. Now, you can kill two birds with one stone. Wearing your mask protects you from coronavirus (the bad guy) while keeping you in disguise. We need to keep things mysterious, right? 


Costume #3: Cowboy or Cowgirl

Jump right into the Wild West this Halloween with a cowgirl or cowboy costume. Not only will your bandana fit in perfectly with your costume aesthetic, but it will also protect you from any cowgirl/cowboy’s worst nightmare: COVID-19. It’s a win, win right? Yeehaw. 


Costume #4: Mummy

You won’t have to try to wrap your head around not dressing up this year, because this mummy costume has got you covered (no pun intended). Why just cover your face and nose with a mask this year when you can cover your whole body? Not only does wearing a mask fit perfectly with this costume, but it makes the costume better. 


Costume #5: Sugar Skull (Día de los Muertos)

Over the past few years, this Halloween costume has been extremely popular. People will spend hours on applying makeup in order to replicate the exquisite art of the skull onto their face. Luckily, this year, you may be able to save yourself some time and effort by purchasing a candy skull mask instead of spending the hours on the makeup. 


In all seriousness, COVID-19 is one of the scariest things we will see this Halloween, and students must take the proper precautions to not make it any scarier. There is no need for this holiday to be cancelled if each student is willing to follow the CARITAS commitment and rock his or her COVID-friendly costume.