Letter to the Editors: Get Out to Vote on Tuesday


Courtesy of Mikko Lemola

Letter to the Editors: Get Out to Vote on Tuesday

Caroline Levine Student Body Vice President

All semester, students have been asked to do one thing: put Community First. We’ve all come to recognize what this means – wearing masks everywhere on campus, social distancing and following the guidelines of The CARITAS Commitment. I know first-hand that this hasn’t been easy, and it’s been inspiring and empowering to see the way that members of our community have stepped up to make this semester possible.

At the end of the day, however, Community First is about more than staying safe throughout the pandemic. Putting Community First means making decisions with the best interest of not only ourselves, but the entire community, in mind. This coming Tuesday, we have a unique opportunity to put this into action by practicing our right to vote on Election Day.

Regardless of your political beliefs and what issues you’re most passionate about, it’s important to realize that elections are about more than just you. The decisions made at the polls or through voting by mail have a direct impact on every community that you are a part of, whether you recognize it or not. Yes, the presidential election receives most of the focus, but don’t forget about the races up and down the ballot that influence the way that our national, state and local governments operate.

Our age group of young adults has a historically low voter turnout. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2016, only 49% of eligible voters in the 18-29 age range voted. Politicians and pundits of all ideologies have discounted the power of the youth vote and questioned whether young adults are at all interested in being engaged in politics. 

For many of us, myself included, Tuesday will mark our first time voting in a presidential election, and we have the opportunity to demonstrate that we understand the importance of using our voices.

So, on Nov. 3, put Community First and exercise your civic duty: VOTE. For more information on Election Day resources on campus, including information about shuttles to the polls, you can visit the #LetsVoteNova website at www.villanova.edu/LetsVoteNova.

Let’s vote, ’Nova!