Pennsylvania Delivered Joe Biden the Presidency


Courtesy of ABC News

Joe Biden hosts a campaign rally in Philadelphia in the 2019 Democratic Primary race.

Kevin Bongiorno Staff Writer

On a warm, sunny day way back in May of 2019, Joe Biden walked onto the stage in his signature blue blazer and aviator sunglasses ready to launch his campaign for president at Eakins Oval in Philadelphia. With the skyline of the city behind him, Biden gave his first speech in which he promised to “restore the soul of America” and bring unity, dignity and equality to the nation. Who would have thought that this city, not far from Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, would have been the place to push the former Vice President over the 270 marker and win the presidential election?

After days and days of waiting, the race for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was finally called and Biden was declared the President-elect of the United States of America. His record-shattering victory in an unprecedented election can be attributed to a few things, but arguably none more important than his flipping of Pennsylvania. 

Everyone knew going into this election just how critical Pennsylvania would be to both Biden and President Trump, but who predicted that it would be this close? Both Joe and Jill Biden have strong roots in the state, with Joe growing up in Scranton until moving to Delaware at age 10 and Jill growing up in Willow Grove and receiving Master’s Degrees at both West Chester University and Villanova. 

For Biden’s win to be clinched in his “home” state, it had to be an incredibly special  moment for the Biden family.

Pennsylvania was by no means an easy victory for Biden, as he carried this state by a very small percentage of votes, less than 1%. It was Biden’s familiar stomping grounds that carried him to victory in the state, as he won Philadelphia and its suburban counties by wide margins. He won Philadelphia County by almost 63 points, Montgomery County by 26 and Bucks County by four. The Delaware-bordering, traditionally Republican Chester and Delaware counties, both less than 15 minutes away from Biden’s home in Greenville, supported him by 17 and 26 points, respectively. In a state that was decided by such a small amount of votes, these counties undoubtedly handed Biden the presidency.