A Guide to Dressing Like Your Favorite Celebrity


Courtesy of Devin Toolen

Outfit inspired by Kaia Gerber.

Devin Toolen Staff Writer

With access to some of the most exclusive designer brands and topnotch stylists, it’s no wonder that celebrities always seem to wear such amazing outfits. The lives of famous actors, models and social media influencers seem so elite to the average person, that even their fashion choices  appear unattainable. However, using celebrity fashion as inspiration when you shop at your favorite stores helps to elevate your own style. Let’s look at a few celebrities known for having great style and put together outfits just like theirs. 

First up is Hailey Bieber, who is a high fashion model known for her amazing street style. Her stylist, Maeve Reilly, puts together ensembles for Bieber that are both youthful and edgy. Bieber can be seen wearing oversized coats with slim pants and chunky boots or even baggy jeans and cropped tops. She has a style that is perfect for college students to consider for inspiration. Yes, it’s true that she often wears expensive designer brands. However, you can match her looks without spending as much. 

For a Hailey-Bieber-inspired look, I would style a cropped sweater and tank top matching set with straight leg jeans and mule style heels. Bershka is a Spanish clothing company that has great options for knit sweaters or sweater and tank top sets. For a good pair of jeans, try the BDG collection at Urban Outfitters. You can find mule style heels almost anywhere, but I would recommend a department store like Nordstrom which offers a wide variety. Channel your inner Hailey Bieber by wearing an outfit like this to dinner with your friends. 

Another celebrity with amazing street style is Zoë Kravitz, a popular actress who has starred in a number of TV shows and movies such as “Big Little Lies” and the “Divergent” film trilogy. Kravitz’s style is so effortless, and it seems like she can wear anything and make it fashionable. In “High Fidelity,” one of her more recent shows available on Hulu, Ktravitz plays a record store owner who has both great taste in music and in fashion. In each of the episodes, her character wears fairly simple outfits that match her real life cool-girl style. 

To dress like Kravitz, I would style a graphic tee shirt tucked into a solid color tennis skirt paired with Old Skool Vans. This outfit is simple, but simplicity can go a long way. You can get a cool graphic tee at your local thrift store, and for a tennis skirt, try American Apparel. As the days get colder, throw on a pair of tights and a leather jacket over this outfit to keep the Zoë Kravitz vibe and to stay warm.

Last is Kaia Gerber, a model and daughter of “Big Five” supermodel Cindy Crawford. Gerber is very young, and sometimes younger celebrities tend to dress in line with their age. However, Gerber has grown up in the spotlight and has learned to dress quite maturely. Some of her off-duty model looks feature oversized blazers, wide leg jeans and some form of leather. While Gerber sometimes dresses much older than she is, she adds fun elements to her outfits. For example, Gerber has worn sophisticated blazers with Converse sneakers to make her outfit appear more youthful. 

To dress like Gerber, I would style high-top Converse and an oversized blazer with straight leg jeans, a tight turtleneck sweater, and a beanie. This would be a perfect look to wear while hanging out on campus on a brisk fall day.  

It’s clear that celebrities wear expensive brands and have great stylists to make them look perfect every day. However, it’s easy to take ideas from their outfits and put your own spin on them. You too can dress like a celebrity without breaking the bank. Use celebrity street style as your inspiration and be creative when making looks for yourself.