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What Does Your Holy Grounds Order Says About You?

Sofia Occttaviani
Get the inside scoop on what your Holy Grounds article reveals about you.

They say you are what you eat… or what coffee you drink. With locations across campus, Holy Grounds is an integral stop during the busy days of Villanova students. Whether you prefer a good old-fashioned cup of coffee or have an elaborate drink order, it is likely that your order hints at who you are. And who better to get the inside scoop from than our very own baristas? Keep reading to discover what your Holy Grounds order says about you.

Iced Vanilla Latte with Oat Milk: If this is your order, you are a social butterfly who loves keeping up with trends. You can be spotted wearing a matching set with a slicked-back hairstyle.

Cold Brew: You need a coffee to get you through your next class in Bartley. You are always on-the-go and probably had to check your planner to make sure you had enough time to wait in the Holy Grounds line. If you order it with an extra shot of espresso, maybe consider booking an appointment at the Counseling Center.

Iced Tea with Raspberry: You are either an energetic and positive person, or a newcomer who doesn’t like coffee and was expecting an acai refresher.

Matcha: You’re effortlessly cool. Even though you partially get it for the color, you actually enjoy the taste of it, too. One of Holy Grounds’ baristas, sophomore Delia Ciamei, noted that guys who order matcha have good manners and seem especially friendly. “I love them for that,” she said. So men, don’t be afraid to spice it up and order something fun.

Iced latte with 2% or whole milk: If you order this from Holy Grounds, you actually enjoy the taste of coffee and like keeping things simple. There is also a chance that when asked what kind of milk you want you say, “…Normal?”

Chai: If you order any variation of a chai latte, you are a kind and down-to-earth person. You do not follow any of your own advice, but you love giving it. You feel like getting a flavorful drink helps distract from all the studying you’re about to force yourself to do.

Hot coffee: If this is your order, it is more than likely that you are a professor. If not, you likely made a big life decision and feel that you must start acting like an adult now. Either way, kudos to you.

Cappuccino: You’re either sophisticated and actually have your life together, or you ordered it just because it sounds fancy.   

Anything with lavender: You are trying to be aesthetic, so you convince yourself it tastes good. You like to romanticize your life, so you pretend that you are about to wander into a little bookshop on a cobblestone street instead of drowning in sweat on the walk to Tolentine’s fourth floor.

Americano: If this is your order, you are determined and focused. This no-frills drink mirrors the efficiency of your daily routine. “You’re a serious Holy Grounds goer if you get the iced Americano,” junior Grace Arya said.

Hot latte: You are either a parent touring Villanova or a professor. Or you recently studied abroad and tell everyone you’re just so used to getting hot drinks because “they don’t do iced coffee in Italy.”

Core Power Milk: If you grab this from Holy Grounds, you are most likely athletic. “It is always people coming from a workout,” Holy Grounds barista junior Sidney Howell said. “Gym bros love them.” Respect. Get those gains.

Mocha: You are trying to convince yourself to like coffee, and this is the only drink that masks the bitterness enough. Congrats on graduating from hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate: You are the kind of person who asks if the sushi restaurant has chicken tenders on the menu. However, “[Hot chocolate is] socially acceptable to get around holiday time.” Ciamei said. “Peppermint hot chocolate is so fun.”

Double shot of espresso: You are either on the track team, regularly pull all-nighters or just got your heart broken and needed to switch up your order to feel something. Whichever it is, you deserve a hug.

At the end of the day, order whatever makes you happy. Just remember to be kind and polite while doing so. Here are some ordering tips from Holy Grounds’ baristas:

1. Don’t assume the obscure things on the menu are available. They probably are not.

2. If there is a short line and only one barista working, specify what milk you want. However, if it is busy and there are multiple baristas, you do not need to specify the milk when you pay because the cashier will not be the one making your drink.

3. Don’t forget to say what size you want.

4. Say thank you. Baristas work hard to get us our daily (or hourly) caffeine fix.

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