New Campus Club Sport: Pickleball


Courtesy of @villanova_pickleball on Instagram

Members of Club Pickleball publicized the new sport at the Involvement Fair.

Katie Formato, Staff Writer

Throughout the past year, pickleball has become very popular. Over the summer, people were playing all over the country, and, whether one has experience or not, they should look to join the new pickleball club on campus. 


The pickleball club was started this semester by friends Sara Scarlett and Ellen Pataky.


“My friend Ellen Pataky and I decided to start a pickleball club at Villanova because we both loved playing,” Scarlett said. “Pickleball is also one of the fastest growing sports in the country, so we thought it would be the perfect time to start a club at Villanova.”


Since pickleball has quickly gained popularity over the past year, it is a sport that could be very valuable to know.


One of the best things about the club is that, even if one does not have experience playing pickleball, Scarlett mentioned that anyone can join. Furthermore, for those looking to pick up a new hobby, or meet new people, joining the pickleball club is a great way to get involved. 


As of now, the pickleball club has practices three times a week. These practices are a great way for people to socialize with others and play pickleball. 


“We set up nets and have people play games and then rotate others in,” Scarlett said. “We teach people who don’t know how to play and set up some games for them and teach them the rules. 


“Students should join pickleball club because it is a fun way to get in some exercise, hang out with friends or meet new people and learn something new. Pickleball is a great sport because it is easy to pick up, and you can play it when you are older as well.”


Although the pickleball club has just started on campus this semester, it has already been a great success, creating a fun environment for students to come together despite their level of pickleball ability. By joining the club, students with more experience playing pickleball can meet others of a similar level and play games with them, while people who do not have as much experience can learn the fundamentals about the game.


Scarlett explains the goals that she has for the club in future. 


“Our goal is to create a space where people can have fun and improve their pickleball skills, as well as introduce people on campus to pickleball,” Scarlett said. “We are looking into transitioning to a club sport or having both a club and a club sport in the future, but for now are working on getting the club running smoothly.” 


Those interested in learning more and joining the pickleball club should follow it on Instagram @villanova_pickleball. Also, in its bio, there is a link to the pickleball club GroupMe that one can join to learn more about practices and upcoming events.