WXVU Should Play in the Connelly Center



WXVU broadcasts the thoughts and musical tastes of Villanova students.

Allison Bajada, Class of 2023

“Wait, we have a radio station on campus?” That’s usually the question I’m met with when I tell anyone that I am the Station Manager of Villanova’s radio station: WXVU V89.1, The Roar. And I’m not surprised. I stumbled upon the niche organization by chance in my freshman year and worked my way through the ranks from co-host of Please Tune In! (Fridays at 2:30, by the way) to Business Director to Station Manager. But not everyone is so lucky. Some Villanovans have the dreadful misfortune of studying for four years at this fine institution and never knowing that we have a radio station. With music constantly playing in the Connelly Center, COVA and the Pit, why is the pride and joy of Villanova – our radio station with the right mix of music and smooth jazz every weekend – not the choice for broadcasting?

Well first, some radio background: WXVU V89.1 The Roar has just recently obtained a full-time signal for the first time in Villanova’s history. For those who are not intimately familiar with the bylaws of the FCC, I’ll spare you the jargon: it used to be on air a few days a week, sharing its frequency with WYBF (Cabrini University). Now, thanks to some incredibly hardworking people in OSI and the College of Nursing, it bought Cabrini’s license and can finally be heard on the 89.1 FM signal 24/7. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge news for the station. Previously, this has restricted it from broadcasting in the Connelly Center. Switching back and forth between on and off days was too much hassle. But, thanks to its full-time signal, it’s no longer a problem. So, what’s the holdup? 

I write from a place of deep pride in the radio station on the second floor of Dougherty and immense love for the people who frequent it. It has an incredible variety of programming, from sports shows to music shows to news to a new morning show (Morning Roar, Fridays 8-9). It broadcasts football and basketball games live, interviews political candidates and covers freshmen move-in every fall. It has incredible, high-tech equipment and a clean, professional sound. It frequently partners with local businesses to promote them and give away amazing prizes through the RadioFX app (Jonas Brothers tickets, BMFI tickets, Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza tickets, to name a very select few). It records and broadcasts weekly Main Line News Minutes, Campus News Minutes, Music News Minutes and World News Minutes. The executive team works tirelessly. I want every person on Villanova’s campus to know about the station, to hear its polished sound and to take pride in the fact that our college has a radio station. All students are welcome to join and host their own show or create their own podcast, and all students should know that they have the option to. I don’t want one more person to ask me that dreaded question ever again. Play WXVU in the Connelly Center. Thank you for tuning in.