VintageU Comes to Villanova


Courtesy of VintageU

VintageU has an array of Villanova merchandise on their company website.

Emily Schoonover, Staff Writer

It is no secret that vintage clothing is “in” for a variety of reasons, including its timeless look and positive environmental impact in response to the fast fashion epidemic. This new stylistic trend has seeped into something the Villanova community knows very well: college apparel. Many students are guilty of rummaging through their parents’ closet to look for vintage finds from their college days to show off on campus this year. While some have found success there, others have resorted to vintage resale companies. More specifically, VintageU, a reseller dedicated solely to college apparel. 


Syracuse student Lauren Levin founded VintageU. Finding the classic bookstore styles of campus clothing boring, Levin wanted to find some school gear that would make her stand out but was also sustainable, as the fashion industry is a large contributor to climate change. Soon, she discovered some vintage Syracuse clothing that she liked the look of, and was drawn to its vibe and sustainable benefits. 


As she started wearing these clothes out, many of her friends fell in love with her new pieces and wanted some for their own. As a result,  Levin launched “Vintage Cuse,” an online store that sells vintage Syracuse merchandise. After gaining traction for her Syracuse-based merchandise, Levin created VintageU, to sell vintage pieces from all schools to reach a broader audience. 


VintageU has become popular among college students, and Villanovans are no exception. Levin has posted a variety of vintage Villanova apparel on her website, and some students are even branding marketers for the company, including sophomores Lauren Casimiro and Hope Frantz. When Casimiro and Frantz heard about the company, they knew it was something they wanted to be a part of. 


“I had heard about and seen some of the VintageU stuff before and had followed them on Instagram and decided that I wanted to see if I could get involved,” Casimiro said. “After communicating with the owner via email, I was able to get my position.” 


She shared more about her experiences. 


“In our position, we help take pictures for Instagram, message potential customers and ship out orders,” Casimiro said. “VintageU has definitely become popular here at Villanova, but I would love to see its popularity grow more here on campus.”


While both women love the fun and classic look of the clothes, they also are passionate about the mission of the company. 


“I think that it is crucial to shop from small businesses, especially online ones,” Frantz said, “To help sustainable small businesses grow and gain a better outreach, especially in today’s culture of fast fashion.” 


As football season is starting and with basketball season just around the corner, many will be shopping for new campus merch to wear and stand out in the student section. While it is easy and convenient to order something from Amazon or pick something up quickly at the bookstore, this year, consider buying something pre-loved. 


Frantz described success in this area.


“So many of my friends have ordered stuff from VintageU for tailgates, football games and a lot of other school spirited events and have received so many compliments,” she said.


If you want to be on the receiving end of the question “Where did you get that?” or if you are sick of the classic bookstore looks and want to shop more sustainably, be sure to check out VintageU or any other sustainable clothing store geared toward university apparel. 

For more information on VintageU, check out its website or its Instagram @thisisvintageu