Three Killed, at Least 11 Others Injured in Shooting in Downtown Philadelphia


Charles Fox/The Inquirer, Staff Photographer

Police responded to reports of gunfire late Saturday night.

Cate McCusker, Senior Editor

Late last night gunfire broke out in downtown Philadelphia. Three people were killed, and at least 11 others were wounded.

In a news conference, Police Inspector D.F. Pace said that police on patrol nearby responded to the sound of gunfire, and they observed multiple gunmen firing into the crowd on South Street.

According to Pace, an officer shot at one of the suspects from about 30 feet away, but it is unclear if the suspect was hit.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital spokesperson Damien Woods has said that of the 10 patients that came to the hospital, three were dead, six were in stable condition and one had been discharged. Two men and one woman were killed, but their names were not made public by authorities.

South Street, located about 20 miles from Villanova, is a popular entertainment district in Philadelphia, and there were many people around when gunfire broke out.

“You can imagine there were hundreds of individuals just enjoying South Street, as they do every single weekend, when this shooting broke out,” Pace said.

In surveillance footage from a business nearby, people on South Street can be seen running after shots are heard. Marcus Espinoza, reporter at FOX 29, tweeted the video and described the scene as “pandemonium.”

Police say that early investigation shows there was an extended magazine used in the shooting. Just last week, in his address to the nation, President Biden urged lawmakers to ban extended magazine use.

“We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” Biden said in his speech on Thursday. “And if we can’t ban assault weapons, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21.”

“The events that transpired last evening on South Street are beyond devastating,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney tweeted this morning. “Once again, we see lives lost and people injured in yet another horrendous, brazen and despicable act of gun violence.”

According to the archive of gun violence incidents from the Gun Violence Archive, an independent data collection and research group, this is the 23rd shooting since Uvalde.