Villanovans Hit the Road: A Weekend in Pittsburgh


Courtesy of Colin Beazley

The Villanovan staff were some students who packed their bags and drove to Pittsburgh.

Tallulah Laska, Staff Writer

Villanovans from all over traveled to Pittsburgh the weekend of March 18 to watch the men’s basketball team kick off March Madness. A four to five hour drive from Villanova, the games were played at PPG Paints Arena on Friday, March 18 and Sunday, March 20.
Villanova students were able to enter a ticket lottery to win entry for $320, which included two tickets to both games. Winning against University of Delaware on Friday, the ‘Cats advanced to play Ohio State University on Sunday.

Whether they had to skip class or do a little less homework, Villanovans did not mind putting real life on pause for the weekend. Watching Villanova advance to the Sweet Sixteen made it all worth it.

Senior Grace Pawelczyk was one of the many students who drove to Pittsburgh for the weekend. Though it was a bit of a hike to get to Pittsburgh, Pawelczyk said it was definitely a trip she does not regret.

“March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year, and it’s even better seeing it in person,” Pawelczyk said. “It’s so fun walking around and seeing everyone wearing their team, no matter if they are in the tournament or not.”

As a senior, this was Pawelczyk’s last Villanova basketball game as a student, as the rest of the March Madness games will be played much farther from campus.

“It was bittersweet knowing that it was my last in person game, but watching Villanova beat both Delaware and Ohio State and move on in the tournament felt like the best way to end it,” Pawelczyk continued.

In addition to watching the games and exploring the city, students and Villanova fans were also invited to a game watch for the Villanova women’s basketball team on Saturday, March 19 at the Fairmont Hotel, where the men’s team was staying for the weekend.

The women’s team advanced to the round of 32 of March Madness, only adding to the hype in Pittsburgh for the men’s round of 32 on Sunday.

“So many alumni and students showed up to watch the women’s game, so it felt like we were right there in Ann Arbor cheering them on,” Pawelczyk said.

Though they may not have been on campus for the games, Pawelczyk said that the support of the crowd was no less than at a home game.
Pawelczyk also explained that she was able to explore Pittsburgh on Saturday, March 19, taking full advantage of the free time she had. Wherever she went, Villanovans seemed to take over the city.

“It almost felt like a home game,” Pawelczyk explained. “I definitely said ‘Go ‘Cats!’ to so many Villanovans in the arena and even when we walked around Pittsburgh.”

Villanova men’s basketball advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in San Antonio, TX. The team beat Michigan on Thursday, March 24, advancing to the Elite Eight. This past Saturday, the men beat Houston to advance to the Final Four in New Orleans.

Whether or not the trip to Pittsburgh was made, the weekend was a success for Villanovans everywhere.

Now that the games are farther from campus, it is time for Villanovans to put their V’s up and cheer on the team from around the country.