A Happy Healthy Plate: Small Business Review

Dalsass’s menu includes cupcakes, breads, cookies and more.

Courtesy of @ahappyhealthyplate

Dalsass’s menu includes cupcakes, breads, cookies and more.

Gabby Bevil, Staff Writer

I think I speak for most Villanova students when I say that dining hall food gets old quickly. It doesn’t provide the same comfort of what’s at home and doesn’t always satisfy the sweet tooth. Thankfully for Villanovans, there is a new business on campus. If anyone misses the authenticity of baked treats, there is a solution.

Claire Dalsass, a 16-year-old hoping to be a future Villanovan, has started to make treats that are the perfect balance between health and comfort food. Dalsass told The Villanovan why she created her new local business, called “A Happy Healthy Plate.”

“I love sharing healthy recipes, because I’m a big believer in a balanced diet,” she said. “While I always appreciate a big, delicious slice of cake, I also think it’s really important to find balance in your diet.”

Dalsass has recently created a “foodsta” (food Instagram) to raise awareness and bring in business. She bakes and cooks all types of fun items ranging from sweet to savory, such as cupcakes to soft pretzels.

Dalsass lives by campus and can deliver meals to students at a reasonable price. On a college campus, it is common to miss the quality of a home cooked meal, especially sweets. This business is available to drop off food and help achieve a breakfast in bed feel.

“I live close – that’s why I can deliver,” she said. “But I’m only doing weekend delivery for now.”

Dalsass’s business is COVID-19 safe. She has implemented a contactless drop off system. Students can pre-pay for products via mobile payment services. The day of delivery, students can wake up to warm meals dropped off outside their dorms.

As unfortunate as it is that we no longer wake up on Saturday mornings and trek to Wells Fargo Center to cheer on our Wildcats, a new Saturday tradition can be hanging out with friends in a COVID-19-safe environment with the cozy feel of a home cooked meal. Dalsass’s quaint dishes give more of a homespun quality to meals as many begin to feel homesick.

In order to best satisfy your craving, you can fill out an order form from Dalsass’s Instagram bio @ahappyhealthyplate and choose from an array of delicious treats.