Villanova Adventure Group brings Capoeira to Novafest

Ryan Walsh

This Saturday at 12:45 p.m., the Villanova Adventure Group is introducing Capoeira to a crowd that is sure to be amazed. This Brazilian form of martial arts incorporates fluid rhythm with fast-paced and upbeat movement. It is not only a martial art; it is a dance, a sport, a game and an artistic expression of freedom.

Capoeira was developed during the 17th century so that Brazilian slaves could defend themselves against their masters. Only in the past 50 years, has Capoeira been recognized as an official sport and been dubbed legal. The United States has only been influenced by Capoeira in the last 25 years.

On Saturday the ASCAB (Capoeira) group from the University of Pennsylvania is visiting ’Nova on behalf of the Villanova Adventure Group. The ASCAB group and its president Mestre Doutor will be demonstrating the art of Capoeira to all who come.

Now don’t think that Capoeira is far-fetched and that no one has seen it. You may have witnessed it and even realized it. Tekken character Eddie Gordo is based on a Capoeira Mestre. The movie “Only the Strong” is full of Capoeira moves. So at 12:45 p.m. on Saturday, why not go and check out the show right before Pat McGee Band. The show that will astonish you. The show that will have you hooked on Capoeira for life.