I would like to join The Villanovan

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Dear sir or madam,I will be attending Villanova this fall as a freshman and I would care to inquire if I may join The Villanovan. For the past two years, I have had a popular music column in my high school’s monthly newspaper, entitled “Off Key With Eric D.”, and I would really like to continue my work for your paper. My writing has always been fluid and consistent, so there should be no worry about a lack of work on my part. In all truth, I would enjoy a weekly newspaper even more than the monthly one I worked for. You see, my monthly column was, on avaerage, two full pages long in 10 font and single spaced. If I were to work for a weekly, my articles would certainly be smaller and catering to the room needed by other articles, yet they would also be more focused and easier to comprehend than my former two page efforts. In respect to the understanding of the subject matter that is needed to write a music column, I am quite skilled at this. I know basically everything there is about the music industry, its artists, and the events and recordings that those artists are associated with. I also know of a great deal of new, up-and-coming artists, so the paper’s readers may hear of the next big thing before everyone else does. If you would care for a compilation of my work, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am very proud of the articles I have done and I hope to continue my work on the acclaimed Villanovan. Thank you.Sincerely, Eric D’Orazio

P.S. If you would like me to cover actual news and/or issues for the Villanovan, I can also do that. I have quite a number of “hard news” articles that went over well in my previous paper. Once again, if you would care to see them, I shall e-mail them. Thanks again.