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Dear Sir /Madam,

In case you have received this mail earlier, kindly ignore this mail. It may have been re-sent to you by mistake. Ours is not a mailing list and we have no intention of sending any regular mails to anybody.

We have devised a set of systems, which can reduce the damage caused to vehicles and deaths and injury caused to Passengers and Pedestrians in vehicular accidents by more than SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT

We have already filed and are in process of filing further, multiple and appropriate Disclosure Documents, Provisional Patent Applications at the United States Patent & Trademarks Office (USPTO), and also applications under the Patent Co-operation Treaty at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) at Geneva.

There is absolutely no doubt that our idea is new and innovative. Moreover, we are very confident and very sure that this will help reducing/minimizing human suffering to a very large extent. There is no doubt that the product devised by us will change the face of the earth forever.

We are looking for the followings:

01.Business consultancy and advice regarding the most viable, practical and profitable course of action under the circumstances and also consultancy on patents & protection of intellectual property.

02.Financial, Technical and/or Commercial Collaborations with any collaborating agency including Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Government Agencies, Automobiles and/or automobile accessories manufacturers or in short, any body and every body from anywhere and all over the world.

We are open to all options including outright sale, licensing and their permutations and combinations. Also, we can incorporate a company anywhere a world for implementing this project.

Brief details relating to our product are detailed in the annexures under the following headings :

Statistics Advantages Options Economics

This project has the potential of considerably reducing human trauma and misery and also saving substantial amounts of money by way of damage to property etc. We are available at the following contact point :

[email protected]

In case you are in a position to provide us with the above named services, or interested in any further dialogue please contact us.

In case, you feel that some of your friends, acquaintances and associates could be interested and/or helpful in our project aimed at human welfare kindly forward our mail to them.

Hoping to hear from you.

With Best Wishes and Kind Regards,

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely



The STATISTICS pertaining to road transport worldwide: –

(a) Number of people dying worldwide – More than 1.2 million per year = More than 100,000 per month = More than 3300 per day = More than 120 per hour = More than 2 per minute = At least 1 person is dying every 30 seconds

(b) Number of people getting injured worldwide – = More than 36 million per year = More than 3 million per month = More than 100,000 per day = More than 4000 per hour = at least 1 person every second. (One person seriously injured every three seconds; one person moderately injured every three seconds; one person mildly injured every three seconds.)

(c) Current yearly automobile sales worldwide – more than 1000 Billion US$.

(d) Number of motorised automobiles worldwide – more than 1 Billion pieces

(e) Daily loss caused due to vehicular accidents worldwide More than 2 Billion US$ per day.

(2% of the worldwide Gross National Product of more than 36500 Billion US $ = More than 730 US$ per year= More than 2 Billion US$ per day)

TheADVANTAGES of the technology developed by us:

a) The introduction of such technology will dramatically reduce the expenses of auto-insurance. This reduction of insurance cost will be at par with or even more that the expenses incurred towards the introduction of such technology in modern day vehicles. Accordingly, the Life Insurance premiea will also undergo drastic reduction. Additionally, because of saving of lives, the outgo of the insurance companies will reduce substantially.

b) As per the WHO studies and projections, road accidents occupy the number nine positions by way of causes of death in the world today. It is projected by WHO that by the year 2020 they will occupy the number three positions, next only to Heart disease and Depression. By introduction of this technology, we are sure that this will not happen. On the contrary there will be massive reduction in the number of deaths due to road accidents and road accidents may not figure on the list of major causes of death, in the year 2020 at all.

c) This technology will therefore, make all vehicles cheaper and safer. Not only will the cost be reduced, safety which is priceless in itself, will also be greatly enhanced.

As and when the regular Patent Application is filed and patent is granted, the life of the patent will be 20 years. Even at the current levels, with road accidents placed at number nine on the WHO list as a major cause of death, there is a daily loss of Two Billion US$. Even at the present level, over a period of twenty years, without any interest and without any compounding, this loss works out to be: 2 Billion US$ X 365 days X 20 years – 14.6 Trillion US$.

d) Our technology will ensure that at least SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the above losses are prevented. Such figure works out to be more that 10,000 Billion US$. It is important to note that this is the projection at the current level. As per the future projections, the incidents of road accidents are expected to increase. Hence, the figure is likely to be increase very substantially. In addition the Time factor and the interest factor will inflate this figure further.

e) At the current levels, more than 1.2 million persons are dying every year due to road accidents. Even at the current rates, more than 24 million lives will be lost in road accidents over the next twenty years (i.e. life of the patent, when granted). Besides, at the current levels. 3.2 million people are injured every year. In the next twenty years, the number of people injured due to road accident, will therefore be more than 70 million.

f) If we add to that the personal, physical and psychological traumas to those directly involved in and also to those who are associated with the people involved in the road accidents. The trauma and the misery and henceforth the value of the savings, are all unmeasurable in quantities, presently known to human kind.

g) Considering the figures and dynamics as explained hereinabove, it may not be improper or out of place to compare this technology with the introduction of electricity, computer or aircrafts in terms of its value to mankind.

h) The benefits of this technology will be so obvious and essential that, in the very near future, the use of this technology will become unavoidable. It should and will become mandatory by law, to install such technology and the installation of such technology should and will be a pre-requisite for granting or renewal of the registration and license of all vehicles in future.

i) As described hereinabove; this technology and its utility are incomparable, outthought of, and unheard of till date. It will open a new floodgate in human travel and safety measures. In future, it can and will be applied to other mode of transport, like aircrafts and trains also.

. Among other things, we have the following OPTIONS available to us:


(a) Immediate outright sale of the idea and the concept along with our filed Applications for one time lump sum consideration.

(b) Further development of the concept and further filing of Patent and all Patent related applications, before taking steps as outlined in “a”.

The process (b) will obviously increase the realization in terms of price.


i) New vehicles- Granting of licenses to manufacturers of automobiles, individually or collectively, all over the world for incorporation in the automobiles to be manufactured in future on fixed time or per piece basis.

ii) Conversion of existing vehicles – To independent agents for conversion of the existing more than 1 Billion vehicles all over the world.


A collaborative arrangement with some private and/or government agency wherein we receive a certain down payment and then jointly distribute the licensing rights on a pre-decided sharing (partnership) arrangement.

The ECONOMICS of the project will be as follows: –

1) In case any/all processes and systems described by us are incorporated in the design of new vehicles and the new vehicles are manufactured in accordance with the modified designs, the cost escalation may not be more than 5% to 8%, and the safety and the protection will be ten times (More than) the price escalation. Hence, drop in insurance premier will compensate for the cost escalation.

2) In case, the existing vehicles are modified, the cost involved will be approximately 10% to 15% of the value of the vehicle. But partial modifications at a lower cost, which will give partial protection, may also be carried out. As a thumb rule, the cost of modification in percentage terms will be about one fifth of the percentage of safety and protection provided.

3) In case the value of the vehicles is low or the life of the vehicle is about to expire, the partial modifications may be practically and economically viable, as incorporation onto a new vehicle is relatively less expensive and more protective.

4) There are more than 1 Billion motor vehicles in the world at present. Besides there are an unspecified number of non-motorized ehicles.

5) Almost all of them can be converted in phased manner to a variable degree. The cost of conversion will be directly proportional to their current market value and the safety shield to be generated there from.

6) Among the motorised vehicles, the conversion cost may work out of few dollars for every percent of safety shield created The exact calculation can be worked out, but over all, some of the methods may provide more safety at lower cost compared to the other which may differ in efficiency.

7) Even if we consider a very vague conservative and approximate cost of conversion of 300 US$ per vehicle, the conversion industry works out to be worth 300 Billion US$.

8) Realising the potential of the product in terms of human safety, it will be reasonable to presume that majority of such conversion will be completed over a period of three years from the starting date.

9) As pointed hereinabove, the size of the conversion industry may be estimated to, in the range of 100 Billion US$ per year over the next three years.

10) Alternatively, considering the diversity of available motorised vehicles all over the world, conversion licensing can also be commercially viable proposition. For such conversion, licenses can be granted on-line, on receipt of on-line payments. In that case, different rates for granting conversion to vehicles having specific registration numbers can be granted in accordance with and in proportion to the size, carrying capacity and the engine power of the vehicle.

11) In case, licensing is done, the creation and installation of the concerned systems will be done by the end-user, as per his circumstances and needs. However, piracy is likely to be a major problem in such licensing.

12) It is likely that as and when the systems are introduced in the motorised vehicles, unusual and unprecedented demand of new vehicles is created. This will result in massive rejection of the vehicles currently playing all over the world and stimulate an entirely new market as far as motorised vehicle is concerned. The size of such market is difficult to either comprehend and/or estimate.


1) Some of the figures have been rounded off but generally the figures are correct.

2) We have tried to keep this communication brief and to the point. More details, including website references are available with us and can be provided, if required.