Time Out program

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Temple University’s Time Out program is seeking college students interested in spending time with older adults in Philadelphia.Students in the program earn $7 an hour providing companionship and friendship to an older adult. Activities may include helping the older adult prepare a meal, going for a walk together, or playing checkers.Students, whose majors range from psychology, sociology and social work to human development, education and physical therapy, must commit to a semester of work.Training sessions for the Time Out program will be held Sept. 20 and 21 in the University Services Building on Temple University’s Main Campus, 1901 N. Broad St.For information on the program, contact Susan G. Smith at 215-204-6540.Last year, students in the program, who hail from colleges and universities throughout the Philadelphia area, spent over 8,400 hours with older adults. All adults in the program live in Philadelphia. Time Out is sponsored by Temple’s Center for Intergenerational Learning.

Thank you,Barbara BaalsAssistant DirectorOffice of News & Media RelationsTemple University215-204-7479