Newsworthy on-line film resource for both students and professors

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The Video Library in Philadelphia, (online at, rents very hard to find movies on both VHS and DVD, and currently has a growing interest developing among students and professors across the country. Through our mail order video rental service, any student or professor can rent any of our over 22,000 titles through the mail, so no matter where they are in the U.S., they can have access to countless films. Whether for film class or for those students who want to see films that Blockbuster and other such chains would never carry, students from all over the country are already using our services. The Video Library can send the tape to them, let them have it for a week, and then the student just drops the reusable box back in any mail box on campus. It’s easy, it’s reasonably priced, and now, since we’ve launched our new website, the entire transaction can happen over the internet. The students who have used us in the past, as well as the professors who continue to use us on a more consistent, on-going basis, have nothing but good things to say about the service we provide, and they’re very quick to say that if it weren’t for us, they couldn’t have had the opportunity to either see, or show, some of the greatest films in film history.

Georgia State University’s The Signal just wrote a feature story on us, highlighting the usefulness of our service both for educational and entertainment purposes, and you can see their article at the following address:

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